The Perfect Tee

Lularoe Perfect Tee

The Lularoe Perfect Tee

The Lularoe Perfect Tee – the name says it all for this style!  Perfect is the perfect name for the perfect top! And, it really is the perfect top to wear with so many other Lula styles. This magical garment can easily be the star of any outfit.  The Perfect Tee has quickly become the best-selling top in our beautiful Lula Bay  Girls Shopping Boutique.

The Perfect Tee is fun with a “swing” shape, subtle side slits, and a flattering half-sleeve length. It is surprisingly comfortable for a style with such a beautiful shape. If you love the Carly dress, you will love this top.

This style is excellent for all body types. It is our favorite and is our personal go-to top to pair with our leggings. You will look relaxed and feel comfortable all day. the Perfect Tee offers the option of dressing it down or up depending on your mood or occasion.

Layering the Perfect Tee

Want to try something different?  It is super fun to wear layered over a Julia dress or Cassie skirt.  To have some extra fun and mix things up a bit, tie up the side slits. It’s a little flirty while still keeping you covered in all the right places.

If you haven’t tried this versatile style, stop by the boutique and we will make some recommendations. It is amazing!  We have a full line of sizes in solids, prints, and stripes available for online shopping here.  If you have questions about how to style this amazing piece, contact us here.

The Randy Tee Shirt

Lularoe Randy Tee

The Lularoe Randy Tee Shirt

When is a tee shirt not just a tee shirt? When it’s stylish, easy, and super comfortable! And Lula Bay Girls stocks the perfect tee: the Lularoe Randy Tee Shirt!

The Randy, named after LuLaRoe’s very first male consultant, is probably the most comfortable baseball raglan tee you’ll ever find. And it’s unisex!! I’ve seen many a LuLaBro rocking a Randy tee.

We received a new shipment of Randys last week and they are incredible. This shirt features raglan, mid-length sleeves. Here’s the best part: each shirt has a contrasting color or patterned fabric. Some of the contrast fabrics are on the sleeves; some are in the body.

The Randy is super fun to pair with your other Lula styles or wear with your favorite leggings or jeans. They are amazing tucked in with a skirt or tied at the waist.

Come try one on! Our beautiful boutique is open on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays from 10 a.m.  Shop online by clicking right here.  If you have questions about how to style your new Randy, click here.  Want to hang out with cool, like-minded, fun women, join our shopping group here.

The Lularoe Sarah Cardigan

Lularoe Sarah Cardigan

The Lularoe Sarah Cardigan is Everything!!

Really and truly.

We wear one almost every day.

Really and truly.

The Lularoe Sarah Cardigan is lightweight and cozy without being too warm or bulky. The Sarah has become the go-to layering piece for both Nancy and Marsha.  If you stop by the boutique, most days you will find both of us wearing a Sarah. The Sarah is long, hits your leg about mid-calf, has cropped sleeves for easy movement without the extra bulk. The result is a super flattering silhouette with lots of “blurring” for problem areas.

Miss Sarah adds texture and warmth which is great for cooler weather. The loose weave keeps the Sarah comfortably cool enough to wear during the summer months. It will jazz up a simple tee shirt or can double as a swimsuit coverup. The ultimate dress-up or dress-down piece. Perfect for adapting to air-conditioned office buildings and restaurants.

Multi Layers

In this photo, you will notice I have a Joy vest over a feathered Carly dress and a Sarah over it all!  Check out information on how to wear the Carly here and the Joy here.  This outfit was Coco approved!

Lularoe Sarah Cardigan

The Sarah’s namesake is the niece of Deanne Stidham’s (Lularoe’s owner). We carry a full line of this incredible staple. Come see us for a personal fitting at the boutique. Click here for a map and directions.  Do you have questions about this item? Click here.

And super exciting news: Lularoe recently announced the Sarah will be available in 2XL. Yahoo!!!

My Favorite Lularoe Travel Dress: The Carly Dress

lularoe carly dress

We all want a dress that is relaxed and lets us move with ease. But no one wants a dress that looks like a sack.  What if you could have a relaxed fit, with ease of movement, and it was also the perfect travel dress? Enter my favorite Lularoe travel dress: the Carly dress.


The Carly dress is a “swing” dress that flatters our good parts and is flowing and easy with the not-so-good parts. I call her the Queen of Blurring (she will blur/hide the less-than-desirable tummy, butt, and hips). And, she can look casual or dressy depending on the fabrics, prints, and accessories. I love the high-low hemline and short sleeves on the Carly dress.

The Carly was my first Lularoe dress and is still my favorite! She is my go-to-dress for travel. As many of you know, my handsome son (John), my beautiful daughter-in-law (Sanne), and my precious two-year-old granddaughter (Ida) live in Denmark. I am fortunate enough to visit them each year for several weeks. Denmark and its people are amazing, but the plane ride is brutal.

With my Carly, a pair of leggings, a scarf, and a Sarah cardigan, I am ready for almost anything. I am adequately layered in case the plane or airport is too warm or too cold. Okay, I might need a few other things — like a few glasses of wine, snacks, 3 to 4 in-flight movies, cell phone, charger, my IPAD, a good book (in case I forgot to put my charger in my carry-on!!! which I did once!), neck pillow, eye mask, compression socks, meditation music, and maybe a cute male steward. Did I mention, I cannot sleep on planes?? Except for my first trip to Denmark when I was bumped to FIRST CLASS!!! It pays to fly alone!

Oh, yeah, back to Miss Carly.

Lularoe Carly Dress

How to Style your Carly Dress

Here are a few of the many ways to style her:

  • Tied up with a knot on one side or both sides
  • Knotted in the front or the back
  • Belted under the bust
  • As a wrap dress
  • Worn over leggings
  • Paired with a Cassie skirt
  • Topping a Julia dress
  • Layer with a Lynnae (Lularoe’s new long-sleeved top)

But the best thing of all: no matter what you do to the Carly including sleeping in it (or trying to sleep in it on a plane), wadding it up in a suitcase or backpack, spilling food down the front, having baby spit-up on your shoulder, slamming it in a door, it will look fabulous with a couple of shakes and some smoothing with your hands or a quick rinse in a bathroom sink.

The founder of Lularoe, Deanne Stidham, named this dress The Carly after her daughter-in-law Carly.  Is it any surprise that it is my favorite Lularoe travel dress?

Fit: This style is generously sized; size down 1 to 2 sizes. If you size up, you can create a fabulous wrap dress. Ask me how (To follow us on Facebook, click here or contact me here).