Jury Duty: Evidence (Part 1)

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Jury Duty: Circumstantial Evidence versus Direct Evidence (Part 1)

From the Law Offices of Reginald T. Kittolla

Good morning! Reggie here for Thursday’s Talk to the Tail column.

Lots of you already know that my mom has been on jury duty this month. So, I thought it would be fun to do a little educational post today.

Who out there in Lula Bay Land knows the difference between “circumstantial evidence” and “direct evidence?” If you’re chosen for jury service, more than likely you’re almost certain to hear these terms – especially if you are chosen to serve as a juror on a criminal trial.

Here’s a great tale that depicts the types of evidence. Read along and see which type of evidence you believe is displayed.

Mom travels with the family dog, Bear, to the Pick of the Litter Thrift Store in Newport to drop off some donations. She’s brought along a yummy piece of pizza wrapped up that she places on the dashboard to eat after she drops off her things.

She arrives at the donation site, greets the attendant and gathers her items from the trunk of the car. Only Mom and the attendant are present – no one else is in the area. When Mom returns to the car, the pizza is no longer on the dashboard. She finds the wrapper and the plate on her car seat.

Mom is angry and tells Bear he shouldn’t have taken her pizza. Bear puts his paws up with a strong look of denial on his face. As in, “It wasn’t me, Mom.”  Mom doesn’t believe him.

Circumstantial evidence: Mom believes Bear took her pizza because only the attendant and herself are present. There was no one else around who had access to the car or pizza. She is convinced that Bear ate her pizza.

Now, here is an example of direct evidence. Let’s say Mom has gathered her items in her arms and is handing them to the attendant. She turns towards the car and sees Bear move forward into her car seat, grab the pizza with his teeth and eat it in two bites. She directly witnessed him eating the pizza.

Another theory: let’s say we’re still using circumstantial evidence as our theory. Mom hasn’t directly seen Bear eat the pizza. What possible defenses could be utilized to prove Bear’s innocence?

Follow along here to see the legal defense my legal team and myself used in Bear’s case – and find out if he was found guilty by a jury of his peers.

To read the rest of the story, click here: Jury Duty: Evidence (Part 2)


Jury Duty: Evidence (Part 2)

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Jury Duty: Evidence (Part 2)

If you missed Jury Duty: Evidence (Part 1) get caught up here: Jury Duty: Evidence (Part One)

Reggie here, from Law Offices of Reginald T. Kittola with Part 2 of the Jury Duty: Evidence story.

Here is successful legal defense strategy we utilized in Bear’s case.  First of all, Bear refused to answer any questions until legal counsel was present. Smart dog, Bear.  Once we were able to hear the actual events of what transpired, it was easy for us to successfully defend Bear.

Here’s what really happened: Bear didn’t eat the pizza. No, he sure didn’t.  Mom had parked her car close to a large tree.

Our investigator visited the crime scene. And after careful observation, he discovered two ground squirrels living in the tree. It wasn’t the first time someone unsuspecting had parked under the squirrels’ tree with food in their car.

The squirrels decided they might as well take advantage of this frequent opportunity to easily acquire rations. So they became quite adept at scurrying down the tree, hopping into cars and stealing items of food.

And no one was the wiser. That is until we were the heroes and figured it out. Danged squirrels. Who knew?

Well, yeah, of course, Bear knew.

Moral of the story: always, always hire the best legal defense team you can — like us, Law Offices of Reginald T. Kittola.

That is all.  Until next Thursday’s Talk to the Tail episode.

If We Could Love Others Like Our Pets Love

How Might Our World Be If We Could Love Others Like Our Pets Love?

Written by: Marsha Hettman, Lula Bay Girls


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If We Could Love Others Like Our Pets Love

This wonderful cartoon was shared on Facebook this morning by the Beavercreek United Church of Christ to announce a special service featuring a “blessing of pets” today (Sunday, October 14) at 10:00 a.m. 

I really love that this congregation is paying tribute to the importance of pets in their lives.  Even the time of the service is perfect since the church has been a landmark in the area since 1880 and is lovingly known as the “Ten O’clock Church” due to its location on Ten O’clock Hill.  

It’s a lovely church nestled in a pastoral setting in the community of Beavercreek, which is about 30 minutes southeast of Portland, Oregon.

To learn more about the history of this church, follow this link: Ten O’clock Church

This is the little church where Gary and I were married 40 years ago.  During our wedding, you could hear cows mooing in a nearby field, which was all good by me because I adore animals. 

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Marsha and Gary Hettman


For several generations, Gary’s family have been members of this church. There have been there since the beginning. Even though we live a few hours away, we have been greatly blessed by this church and always think of it fondly.

I’m not surprised that they are having a blessing of the animals. “How might our world be if we could love others as our pets love?” I would have loved to have heard today’s sermon.

Personally, I think it would be an amazing world.

What do you think? 

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The Lynnae Top

The Lularoe Lynnae Top

Is your wardrobe ready for fall? A new season is a great reason (or excuse!) to add a few great pieces to your Lularoe closet.  The Lularoe Lynnae top is our new go-to staple for our cooler fall and winter weather. The Lynnae top is truly a magical layering piece.  It is essential in our cool, Pacific Northwest climate.

Living on the beautiful Oregon Coast, means you need to be prepared for any type of weather.  A normal day can include sunshine, rain, clouds, wind, and hail all in one day!  The locals like to say, “If you don’t like the weather, wait a half hour and it will change!”  It’s more truth than fiction, Peeps.

As a result, here at Lula Bay Headquarters, our customers (and Nancy and Marsha) have been begging for a long-sleeved shirt for months.  The Lularoe design team has finally stepped up their game.  And, we are proud to announce the new Lynnae top. We have ordered this wonderful new style in all sizes available.

Styling the Lynnae Top

Nancy and Coco with Lynnae top layered over a Julia dress.

The Lularoe Lynnae top is flattering to all figure types.  The Lynnae is designed from the body of Classic Tee top with long sleeves added.  It also sports a high-low hemline, scooped neck, hourglass tailoring, and a relaxed fit (yahoo!). It pairs beautifully with any of the Lularoe skirt styles and is incredible worn over a Julia dress or Carly dress.  And, best of all, the Lynnae is perfect worn with leggings or over your favorite jeans.

This versatile top is named after Deanne Stidham’s (Lularoe’s owner) daughter-in-law.

Our beautiful boutique is stocked with lots of solids, stripes, and prints in all sizes.  These beautiful Lynnae tops are ready to go home with you now.  Shop in person at our boutique located in downtown Newport;  or shop online for this latest style and other great Lularoe pieces at shopbaygirls.com.

Lula Bay Girls Shopping Boutique
Lula Bay Girls Headquarters

Join in the fun, be notified of new styles, learn about upcoming events, and hang out with our peeps in our shopping group here.  If you have any questions about styling your new Lynnae top, contact us here.